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Excellence and Professionalism 

Quinn's Sunrooms has been building "your favourite room" in the Parry Sound and Muskoka area of Cottage Country for over 30 years. They pride themselves in projects which ultimately suit the limitless beauty of our surroundings.  

Registered Designer on staff

Bring your sketches, pictures or just your ideas and Quinn's Registered Designer will produce building code ready drawings for yourself and for township building permit applications where necessary. 

Personalised Approach

Quinn's relaxed and personalised approach helps ensure that your  project will go smoothly and have the feel and charm you are looking for.  


The Original   Versatile vinyl patio window system  
Custom-made to fit your needs

Our 4-track windows and wall systems are custom-made to fit your needs. Ideal for complete wall systems made of heavy-gauge aluminum or to fit in wooden framing for a more traditional look. Window trim is available in white, commercial brown (dark bronze) or sandstone (beige). The vinyl is available in clear, Charcoal Grey or Muskoka Blue.

Lightweight and super strong!

One of the miracles of modern chemistry is Elasto Vinyl, a plastic so tough and resilient, it defies hard and continuous wear. A panel 3' x 3' taut-stretched can support a 350 pound man with no trouble at all. The minute he steps off the plastic returns to its original shape and position.

Only a sharp object or undue abuse can damage genuine Elasto Vinyl found in Weatherwall.

Easy Care. Long Life
  1. To keep your Weatherwall windows looking their best, we recommend you use our Vinyl Cleaner/Conditioner once a year.

  2. For general cleaning you can use soap and water or windex. Dry with a soft cloth.

  3. Do not use cleaners that contain alcohol


Our windows are manufactured to allow 1/16" space all around. They mount from the outside with a 15/16" flange to allow attaching to support posts. Screws and caulking are provided.

We would be happy to send you more detailed instructions on request, arrange for an experienced contractor to install for you or do the installation ourselves.

Careful measuring Easy install

Weatherwall windows are manufactured to close tolerances. Your window opening should be square.

  • Measure the width of the rough stud opening in three places and note the smallest number.

  • Measure the height in three places and note the smallest number.

  • Give us the smallest width measurement and the smallest height measurement.

OR let us measure-up for you.

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